Custom manufacturing of electronics

MARPOS ranks among the leading companies in the field of design and manufacture of custom electronics. We design and produce your electronic product with an ideal balance between costs, quality and the ability to market. We always strive to understand customer needs and closely cooperate with them in order to produce functional electronic products with high quality and a reasonable price which are necessary to have an opportunity for success. We offer you the complete production process in the area of electronics. Outsourcing the manufacturing process allows you to increase the efficiency of your business. It allows significant cost reduction allowing your company to be leaner, more efficient, more agile and more competitive. Without the need to maintain large manufacturing operations you will be able to focus on capital investment in the key areas of your business.

Why choose MARPOS for design and manufacture of electronics?

  • We strive to make our clients stay competitive by focussing their efforts on the key challenges in their company and outsourcing all activities associated with the production of electronics to us
  • We offer product development according to specification
  • We have production flexibility
  • We design and manufacture products that fullfill all customer requirements and are cost-effectivea
  • We have sophisticated logistics for purchasing of the components and our own production of PCB
  • We have a corporate culture which is strongly rooted in the protection of intellectual property
  • We are transparent and open in communication
  • We have an agile and experienced team of engineers who have extensive experience in the development and manufacture of electronics
  • We even will start your project today!