MARPOS facilitates each step of  product development from the draft stage through validation to  final production.
In seven years we have carried out over 100 projects across the fields of consumer eletronics, industry automatization and data processing. Our success is a result of a combination of excellent engineering work, leading skills and experience in the realisation of projects and strong relationships with our technological partners.

We provide our services in the development of electronics for companies in various industries including the health sector, the military sector, robotics and the automobile industry along with vehicle measurement and regulation.

Our services include:

  • Expert consultations
    • Preliminary analysis of solutions according to the customer’s specifications
  • Manufacture and development of electrical equipment on demand
    • Low-frequency technology
    • Power supplies
    • Microprocessor for the measurement and control of technology
      • Measurement using a variety of industrial sensors (to detect temperature, pressure, flow, distance, etc).
      • Control actuators (actuators, valves, etc).
      • Regulation
    • Other areas of electrical engineering according to consultation
  • PCB design
    • Based on customer specifications
    • Based on customer requirements
    • Redraft according to the original attached picture
  • Programming Microcontrollers in Assembler and C languages
    • by Atmel 89S51, 89S52
    • on Atmel AVR Tiny, Mega, XMEGA
    • PIC 10x-16x
    • a Freescale S08, S12, DSC, Kinetis
  • Record customer programs using microcontrollers
    • by Atmel 89S51, 89S52 (only with serial interface)
    • on Atmel AVR Tiny, Mega, XMEGA
    • PIC 10x-18x
    • a Freescale S08, S12, DSC, Kinetis
  • Programming PC applications related to communication and control device designed by us
    • For use with a Windows platform in C #
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