About the company

Czech company MARPOS s r.o.  has been in the market since 1993 and specialises in the development, production and assembly of PCB using THT and SMT technology. During the twenty years in which we have been active we have become the leading company in the aforementioned field in the Czech Republic. However we are also in the process of penetrating the markets of other EU states and have in recent years gained experience in the Canadian market.

Our company is dynamic in its development. We now employ over 40 members of staff and are equipped with the most recent technology supplied by leading manufacturers.

Our strength is in the complexity of our production. We manufacture  electronic equipment from its assembly to its completion. Our experienced technology workers offer you an effective solution for your product, and our extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process renders our methods highly efficient in terms of production time and expenses. We will offer you PCB and panelize for its production, assembly and  machine soldering. Our effective PCB design is our main method of decreasing the production costs of the finished product.

Outsourcing the production process will increase the efficiency of your business. It shall result in the reduction of your expenditure,  allowing your company to be leaner, more effective, more agile and more competitive. Freed from the task of maintaining large manufacturing operations you will be able to concentrate your capital investment into the key areas of your business.



  • many years of experience in the development and production of electronic equipment
  • sophisticated component procurement logistics
  • our own PCB production
  • modern technology for the assembly of PCB
  • Experienced team of workers